In 2018, after crossing more than 2,000 miles of jungle and desert terrain, an estimated 6,000 migrants from Central America arrived at the US/Mexico border in Tijuana. Their dreams crushing against some of the toughest border policies and anti-immigration rhetoric seen in modern times. Camping feet from the gates of the “shining city,” many began to wonder if they would ever find passage across the border and into the safety of the United States. 


Tell Our Truth began as a small solo exhibit at the local Mid-Wilshire Memorial Library in Los Angeles, California. The goal is to educate the public on the many reasons people migrate and why many seek refuge in the US. The solo exhibit was picked up by the Los Angeles County Library Guild where it was showcased throughout various county libraries for over a year. Through personal narratives of individuals who fled their country, the exhibit asked the audience to begin a conversation on how they view migration.